Matt McDermott

Fan Site And Online Marketing

PH: 855-808-7529

Matt McDermott will help Dave Michaels with promoting the Texas Marshals games through online marketing and other means.  In addition, he will be operating the official fan site of the team:


The fan site will address other ways to help the team gain exposure to the local baseball fans in the Dallas and Collin County areas. Additionally, the new site will offer ways to help reach other prospective fans such as those who:

  • Are looking for baseball equipment anywhere in the USA
  • Seek employment in the Dallas County, Denton County and Collin County areas
  • Have businesses serving the local North Dallas and Collin County region and are looking to gain new prospective customers and qualified leads
  • Want to purchase unique baseball gifts, merchandise and memorabilia for friends and family around the country
  • Desire to save money by getting discounts and coupons for various entertainment, restaurant and other local business services
  • Want the news or just to know more about the other summer college wood bat leagues


This "fan site" aims to be a multi-faceted resource, even to non-baseball fan, year-round. 

Matt has several years of experience in the independent professional baseball leagues (aka "independent minor leagues") as a player, front office staff member, team official and league official.   He has been involved with the Northeast League (Waterbury Spirit), Central Baseball League and American Association (Fort Worth Cats 2005 and 2006), Continental Baseball League (Lewisville Lizards, McKinney Blue Thunder, and the league office), United League Baseball (league office) and the Pecos League (consultant).

He also operates several websites serving the independent leagues:

  • (news about the independent baseball leagues and teams)
  • (notification service about tryouts for independent baseball leagues and teams, winter development leagues and third-party open tryouts)
  • (daily trivia about the independent baseball leagues going back to 1993)
  • (upcoming website designed to offer resources to former players, staff members, team officials, league officials and those involved with the independent baseball leagues going back to 1993)


Matt also operates his own internet marketing company serving the Dallas Fort Worth market and national clients.  

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